How it all began

Hello dear Reader(s),

We are the Faraway Folks, an adventurous and somewhat alternative young family.

Why am I saying that we are “somewhat alternative”?

Because we do EC (Elimination Communication) with our child. That means that we read her signals to know when she needs to go to the potty. And as a backup – in case the communication fails – we use washable nappies.
Because we’re interested in unschooling/worldschooling.
Because we eat a mainly plant-based, local and organic diet.
Because we try to avoid plastic, and to live as minimalist and naturally as possible.

And why are we “adventurous” then?

To begin with, we are lucky to work in a field which allows us to be rather flexible with our working hours: One of us was working in an office with standard working hours and two days working from home while the other one was freelancing from home full-time.
But with the birth of our daughter and thinking about how we really wanted to live our life, we decided to save up some money and then leave our jobs to go travelling for a while. At the moment when these lines are written, we are travelling France.

What is this travel I am talking about?

In 2013, we did a 2-month bike tour. We started in Bavaria, Germany, crossed Switzerland, France, Corsica and Italy – where we finally stopped in Venice. We did approximately 3000 km on a saddle, powered only by our muscles. This experience was probably one of our greatest at the time and we promised ourselves to go travel again in the near future.

This time, we decided to travel with a camper van.
There are a couple of reasons as to why we chose to do so and we will write more about that later. In a nutshell, we wanted to cover more kilometres and since we are travelling in autumn/winter in Europe, we’re appreciating a home which is a tad sturdier than a tent, especially since we’re travelling with a toddler.

So we hope you’ll enjoy our tales, and we’re happy to read you, too!



    1. Thanks Michelle!!!
      We are currently finishing our last-minute shopping and we will be hitting the road again tomorrow! 🙂
      More stories and awesome pictures to come!


  1. Many thanks for your comment, Luves! We totally agree that it’s absolutely not normal to hit your children. But actually that’s not what we mean by ‘non-violent communication’. What we’re referring to is this:
    Probably our post is a bit misleading so we’ll change that bit about NVC, and we’ll write a post about it at a later point to discuss it in more detail.
    We’re also not against the concept of kindergarden at all. It’s a great place for children to meet other children and play and develop. We’ll definitely try and have our child get to know a lot of people and children as well while we travel, because we think it’s immensely important that they’re not constantly around their parents only 🙂


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