Le Cabanon de Christine

Le Cabanon de Christine is a lovely laid-back eatery in the centre of Lacanau-Ocean (recommended also in I Love the Seaside). It’s not in the main streets so it’s calm and relaxed. The tiny cabin features a small wooden terrace so you can eat outside when it’s sunny. Inside it’s also very comfy and beautifully decorated.

The excellent food is fresh and prepared by Christine and Jean themselves in the open kitchen. The oysters are really good, and the prices are affordable.

Don’t forget to try their home-made bread – it’s so tasty. Or stop by for your breakfast for coffee and a pain au chocolat. Note please that most of the dishes include fish or meat. If you want something vegan, it’ll most likely be hand-cut fries with salad. Vegetarians can try and ask for a cheese plate – I’m sure they’ll be able to cook up something.

Christine is very friendly, and no matter if you’re in Lacanau to surf or to see the surroundings, she’ll certainly have some info to share about the waves or the region.

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