Weaving in old ends

♥ by Eva

As some of you may know already, we’ve finally started on trip #2. But before we delve deeper into new adventures, I’d like to finish our tales of the ol’.

You might remember that our first trip came to an abrupt halt because of financial shortcomings. Then some angel voice – or rather a former colleague’s voice – saved the end of our trip (as in, at least we can enjoy the last three weeks a little). This colleague sent me a large translation project which I worked on for about two weeks. It meant spending most of my days in the camper while Julien and Carlotta went exploring. And it meant money we urgently needed. I still went exploring a little bit, too 😉 So during this time we spent more days in one place to give me the chance to work. First we were in a really tranquil place, at a beach near Cádiz. We went to the beach, took the bikes for a ride, did some laundry, the usual routine 😀

After some days we got bored, though, and so we continued direction France. We stopped in a tiny village, Santa Lucia, from where we also visited Vejer de la Frontera – a beautiful town!

Next, we stopped at Bolonia. We stayed on a parking (or rather an earthy filed) directly at the beach, at the end of a village which is a one-way-road. So there was nothing, but a couple of restaurants, cows, horses, some cowboys, a few campers and us. I wanted to park all the way at the end of the field, because it felt the comfiest. Then on day 2 it started to rain in the evening. By the time we decided to better move it was too late and by trying we dug ourselves deep into the mud. Stuck! Thankfully, it stopped the next day and when the sun had dried the floor a little, we managed to get out with some manoeuvring and park on a grassier bit near the exit of the field. I went running on the beach to air my brain a little after all the hard work, and it was beautiful. I also found another dead dolphin, probably stranded. Seems to happen here every now and then. And after some days we hit the road again, taking a high Italian dude to Tarifa.

We parked at a beach again, together with at least 50 other campers! It was difficult to find a place, but we managed to squeeze our camper into a gap. We were in kitesurf paradise. There were sooo many! We had nice neighbours, nice chats, nice strolls, and still a nice amount of work for me. It was super to work there. Calm, with the sea in the background and the sun shining onto my legs 🙂 We took the bikes to Tarifa city on one day and first had lunch in the most chillaxed restaurant ever with suuuper tasty pizza (Restaurante Tarifa Eco Center – they also have a tiny organic shop and many vegan options) and then strolled through town a little. It’s a nice place, especially the old town. And if you ever get a chance to go there, don’t miss out on Tarifa’s best bakery: Confitería La Tarifeña. They have the most amazing cakes and pastries! And of course we also went to the Punta de Tarifa, the Southernmost point of continental Europe!

When we got tired of Tarifa, we headed to Gibraltar (UK – here we come!) and visited THE ROCK. And since that was super-duper-amazeballs, there will be an extra post for that!

Stay tuned and see you soon!

Bisous from the Faraway Folks! xx

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